Strange Play

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Photography
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Market’s, clubbing, amnesia. All in a day’s werk.

We were awoken at death o’clock the next morning by Yurie accidentally switching on Chris’ iTunes at maximum volume – this after she’d spent the night taking pictures inches from our face while we tried to sleep. Creepy memoriiiiies! The three of us then took a stroll through Church and Wellesley – Chris’ first time exploring TO’s gay village and Yurie’s first time seeing a dildo the size (and shape) of an arm.

Following a revealing discussion on our varying experiences with “strange play” (Yurie’s imperfect but nonetheless wonderful choice of translation), we headed onto Yonge St, which I was told on a bus journey a few days later is the longest street in the world. As it turns out, that was a filthy lie.

The three of us then reunited with Rinji, who took us on a tour of Kensington Market. In 1999, Robert Fulford wrote that “Kensington today is as much a legend as a district. The (partly) outdoor market has probably been photographed more often than any other site in Toronto.”

Here’s Yurie being limp-wristed into hysteria.

I wish I could recall the actual flavours of our ice creams. I do remember that they were pretty weird.

Now where have I seen this face before…?

I’d love to be all hipster Ariel and say that I was owling before it was a thing, but actually I just tend to sit like this.

(Photo by Lindsay)

Authentic Asian ramen in Chinatown! This was so unbelievably dericious. Just before we left the market, we witnessed a blowout between three hobos across the street over a crate of beer. It was intense. “Ah’ve lived here thirty years and ah’ve seen awll kahnds uh’ thangs!”

More squirrels! Lindsay was a little horrified that I kept trying to feed them.

Yurie, pre-clubbing nap. おしりメモリー! (Slash revenge for the previous night.)

(Photo by Linsday. Actually, I didn’t take any of pictures after this point so just assume that whatever you’re looking at has been stolen from either 2G or Yurie.)

Our room! Barring the fact that the girls’ bathroom was right outside our door and the mens’ on the other side of the building, it was surprisingly nice for what we were paying. The only confusing part was that this was clearly a student room designed for two people but only came with one desk. How does that work? Timeshare?

Beautifying. And drinking. Mostly the latter.

Aaaand back to the village. We had drinks chez Stephen and Misha (front right and left respectively), before heading out to the theatre-cum-after-hours-gay-club, Buddies in Bad Times.

Last picture from this night, which is only fitting since it’s a) taken in a club that was raunchy enough to shock my British sensibilities and b) the last thing I remember with any real clarity.

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