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Further excitement on the World War Z set. The sound you can hear off-screen is a garbage truck ploughing into a meat van – and, if I’d chosen a better place to stand, you might be doing more than hearing it.

Some more pictures from the set after the cut (including some highlights destined for the IMDb goofs section.) (more…)

For the next two weeks, Glasgow is set to look even more post-apocalyptic than usual as filming of the latest Brad Pitt movie, World War Z, commences. Parts of the city – mostly around George Square – have been transformed into the war-torn streets of zombie-ridden Philadelphia for the adaption of Max Brooks’ novel, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War (sequel to 2003’s The Zombie Survival Guide). (more…)

Niagara: what better way to spend our last full day au Canada? (more…)

Pug Life

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Photography
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The Running of the Pugs, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto. I still can’t believe this is a thing. (more…)

Strange Play

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Photography
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Market’s, clubbing, amnesia. All in a day’s werk. (more…)

Though its proximity to Toronto on a map was a tad deceptive when one Canadian province is about five times the size of my entire country, I managed to squeeze in a visit to Ottawa (and the lovely lady above) while I was there. (more…)

O Canada

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Photography
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To recap: back in May, Lindsay tweeted a photo of herself and Yurie at the airport in Toronto, sending me into a frothing apoplexy of envy. That same morning, however, I received a much-needed cash transfusion courtesy of the Japanese government, which I naturally took as a cosmic sign to go join them. Chris was also able to take some time out his nonexistent schedule to fly up from Georgia, and so Akita, Japan’s proposed takeover of Ontario, Canada was complete. (more…)