Crazy Cat Ladies

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Photography
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A whole month having passed since our last visit, we were long overdue a visit to see our leopardine future son.

We actually managed to avoid paying for the train on the way out to see him on account of the conductor reaching our end of the carriage only to discover that his ticket machine was out of batteries. He’d just tracked down some spares as our stop was approaching so we hauled ass out of the carriage the minute it pulled into the platform. We also wasted a lot less time trying to remember which house number the breeders lived at after the events of our last visit; when we’d been standing outside debating which buzzer to ring when a group of tracksuit-clad neds started to cross the road towards us and self-preservation kicked my recall into gear. Oh, Glasgow.

Inside, the kittens were a lot less shy than when we last met them.

There were also several new additions, like these brown babies who looked like miniature tigers. At this point, it’s basically a bonsai safari.

After being swarmed by every kitten in the house, we went next door to have some one-on-one time with Pip. That is, incidentally, his official designation at this point; largely because we kept using it in conversation to avoid the slightly more cumbersome title of “the new kitten” and it would just be too confusing to change it at this point.

He soon tired himself out and fell asleep halfway through mountaineering John’s torso. John is, by the way, allergic to cat scratches – as evidenced by the hives emerging all over his body.

But oh so worth it.

He awoke for another short burst of madness, and I summarily freed him from John’s clutches.

Aaaannd then back to sleep. Look at his big crazy kangaroo legs! As inherited from his father.

As soon as he was awake, John stole him back – which, if our continuing battle for Alf’s affections is anything to go by, is something he’s going to become very accustomed to.

John is an especially fancy pirate.

I love his markings. He looks like a Thundercat!

With Tallon – one of his two current fathers. At least Pip won’t be confused when he gets here.

And finally, back next door with his siblings. Afterwards, we lost him to the food bowl for the rest of our visit. I think he and Alf are going to get along just fine.

Tallon also sent us some extra pictures he’d taken while we were up, including this family portrait which will be a crazy-cat-lady-enabling reality in just 3 weeks!

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