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Oh! …Canada?!

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Photography
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Typing these entries has just became exponentially easier with the arrival of my replacement laptop keys! \o/ Finally, I’m free of the cat-related mishap that destroyed my vowels and caps lock. And speaking of matters feline: we recently visited our kitten-to-be again! His eyes are open and he’s walking…albeit unsteadily. (He’s also the one on the right of the photo above, being decidedly more camera shy than his sister.) July 20th really can’t come soon enough.

Prior to that, however, I’ve stumbled across flights to Canada for less than the price of my coffee table. And booked them. Aaaand I’m leaving exactly one week today. 2G REUNION IN TO! …provided this god-forsaken ash cloud doesn’t put a very Icelandic dampener on things. Chris is also flying up from Georgia to meet us, and with Yurie presently doing a homestay there, it promises to be a thoroughly Akita-n get-together. It was Yurie’s arrival, in fact, that catalysed the entire thing. That same morning, my very happy bank balance informed me that I’d just became a pensioner – arigatou, Japan, for the early retirement! (^‿^)v – and naturally I took the appearance of my Japension money within mere hours of Yurie touching down at the airport as a cosmic sign to join her. (more…)