Posted: May 5, 2011 in Photography
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This is the Diana Mini: a plastic box camera that originated in Hong Kong in the ’60s, prone to light leaks, blurring, oversaturation and a whole manner of other perceived “problems”. Due to the recent Lomography movement, however, toy cameras like this have experienced a surge in popularity, precisely because people are exploiting their unpredictable results. I actually gave Lindsay one for Christmas, only to discover that John had bought me one of my very own! Her name is Jane Badler…for obvious reasons.

I’ve finally gotten round to developing the first few rolls…more than half of which were unusable. (With the exception of those cheap, disposable cameras, I haven’t used film in…well, ever.) The following are the fruits of my fledgling efforts with analogue photography that kind of sort of turned out.

The M74 motorway being built by our house. We actually got a letter through the door just this morning asking if we’d like to take a walk along it before it opens to traffic: small recompense for having to listen to them build it for the last year.

Zara, Buchanan St.

West Street Underground

The Right Honourable Donald Dewar

I’ve since discovered that placing traffic cones on statues is part of Glasgow’s rich, cultural heritage. :\

This is one of about three that I actually quite pleased with. Whether coincidentally or not, all of the pictures featuring John are my favourites.


The Tradeston Bridge…known locally as the “Squiggly Bridge”.

I finally faced my post-traumatic stress and went into a Waterstones for the first time since I stopped working in one…3 and a half years ago.

London Street, London! John and I went down a few months ago, constituting his first ever visit to our kingdom’s glorious capital. Expect a fair amount of (digital) pictures in the near future now that I’m actually up to date with 2010.

Tower Bridge

Cross-shaped windows in the Tower of London. (This one looks really lovely in print.)

Aaaand here’s where things started to horribly awry. Natural light might make for ideal shooting conditions normally but every picture Jane Badler took in direct sunlight looked like this or worse. Need. Practice. (It’s the Houses of Parliament as seen from the London Eye if you still can’t make it out.)

We all go a little mad sometimes.

Selfridges, Oxford St.

Natural History Museum – where, as it turns out, our former-flatmate, Lorna, works!

Victoria & Albert Museum

Homeward Bound

Beyond the Valley of the Ragdolls

  1. LT says:

    I just got my first roll developed. I had about 7 descent pictures and the rest were godawfulblurrymesses.The split frame mode messed a lot of them up, actually. I think I’d better study up!

  2. LT says:

    These ones are super duper! Mini Diana revolution!

    • Mark Liddell says:

      Trust me, my success rate was about the same: these 20-ish pictures are the only survivors of the two rolls I got developed. I’ve only tried the square format so far, but I was using the split frame for the first time while I was in TO so they may or may not look like crap, haha. Show me the 7 that turned out!

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