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Posted: May 1, 2011 in Photography
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Hong Kong Skyline

Coastal bays to mountain peaks: a geographical rollercoaster.

Waffles! And, by curious coincidence, the discovery that Lindsay’s cousin and I own the exact same mug. Lazy mornings like this became par for the course during our time in HK, and we very rarely made it out of the house before lunchtime. (Yet another reason we loved it so very much?) I did, however, feel a little guilty that her maid, Melu, made us breakfast every morning and did all of our laundry: partially because I’m not just comfortable with and/or used to being waited on, but mostly because – if we hadn’t come that exact week – she would basically have been on holiday.

The view from the apartment complex on a beautiful, sunny morning in Hong Kong. Mmm, pathetic fallacy.

中環 – Central. It’s almost impossible to enumerate the ways in which Hong Kong is different from the other places we visited in China, largely because I wouldn’t know where to begin or end. I read somewhere that Hong Kong is to China as Manhattan is to the US: compact, cosmopolitan, comfortably international. In short: the same but not.

Our first excursion: Stanley Market – purveyor of just about everything you can imagine. The market is located in Stanley Bay: a peninsula in the southeastern part of HK, just east of the fantastically-titled “Repulse Bay”. It was also the scene of another of our most oft-quoted encounters: “Ya…ya can’t just stick your hands in garbage, buddy! Th-there are germs, sport! Ya gotta be careful, champ!”


I’m so, I’m so starstruck: baby, could you blow my heart up?

Lindsay is actually a minor celebrity in mainland China. By which I mean actress. By which I mean…”actress“.


I loved each and every one of these. Tragically, the only one I don’t have a picture of is the one I actually bought for my brother: “100% trust you because I am blind.”


Haha, I totally forgot we did this. Basically, in every Chinese underwear/swimsuit/anything-that’s-supposed-to-be–alluring ad we came across, the woman were in this exact same pose. It’s like Chinese sign language for sexy.

I don’t know about you, but I would only hire a guy wearing a ‘No money, no coke’ shirt for my wedding photography.

My reasons for loving this picture are twofold: first because it’s cute, and second, because the process of taking it…

…required some trial and error. Good god, can we get a close-up on how ridiculously distraught I am in this photo? I look like someone just killed my puppy.

I wasn’t alone in not knowing HK was an island, right?

Deformed foetuses in baby bottles. I don’t know why this trend hasn’t taken the world by storm.

Mmm, freshly-squeezed, 100% mango juice. Naturally, I bought it because I was thirsty…I mean what other reason is there?

Good luck with that.

Weird little back-alley shrine.

Aaaaand, as we once again came face to face with the wall o’ fame, our travels through Stanley Market had come full circle.

Ham and mango panini deliciousness. I miss Asia’s obsession with mango. It doesn’t factor nearly as much into my dining experiences as it should anymore.

Graveyard on the bus ride home.

I have nothing to add, except this…and maybe this.

The bus dropped us off back in Central, and with the entire evening still ahead of us, we decided to hit up the next destination on our checklist. Also: can we just take a moment to appreciate that Lindsay and I have now successfully navigated every form of transport – from ferries to rickshaws – in 5 different Asian countries and in 5 different languages? Surely deserving of a Boy Scout badge.

“If you drink, don’t drive!” Plus: Euro Trade Centre. Another reason I loved HK? All the spellings were British! “Mind the gap, please.”

That Tron-like building in the middle is the Bank of China Tower and this is actually its second appearance in this entry. I later discovered that it somehow appeared in just about every skyline shot I’d taken over the course of the entire holiday. (Would you disown me if I revealed that it was also the Starfleet Communications Research Centre in Voyager?)

Whilst waiting in line for the Peak Tram, there was a Japanese family standing in front of us and we let the son and father ahead after they came back from, presumably, finding a toilet. The mum told the son to say thank you, and not one of them found it odd that the white man in Hong Kong was talking to them in Japanese.

My homeboy! And one third of Brad Pitt’s face. Exposed navel remains anonymous.

Aaaaaand this is Hong Kong as seen from the Sky Terrace at Victoria Peak. In my China top 5? Um, yes, I think so.

Also on the peak: super-expensive, 90210-style housing.

A kindly Chinese girl offered to take this picture for us after I almost broke my camera to pieces trying to affix the tripod to a railing.

Are you keeping track of BoC Tower cameos? This is #5.

The view reminded me of Tokyo from the top of Tokyo Tower, only more Asian and with no glass between us and the drop back down.

Bus ride home: top deck, front row.


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