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Our final day in London – and a long overdue, St. Andrean reunion. (more…)

* prior to their classification as ‘dinosaurs’ in 1842. (more…)

Meeting Audrey Hepburn and seeing Wicked = a sizeable chunk of my bucket list completed within the space of 12 hours. (more…)

I just poured boiling water into an empty mug. That’s how functional I am before my first coffee. Another episode to add to the ranks of my many other, pre-caffeinated brain farts; including (but by no means limited to) making a bowl of coffee, and testing whether the water was boiling by sticking my fingers in. Next up: shoving my fingers in a socket to test if the power is on. (As an aside: is Nescafe really weak these days or have I just developed a natural immunity? Three tablespoons later and it still tastes like coffee-flavoured water.)

But – returning to our adventures down south. The following morning, we made a second – decidedly more successful – attempt at visiting the Tower of London…and just about every other tourist destination in the city. (more…)

A few months back, John found himself with an unprecedented amount of free time and agreed to flee the country with me. Being that this was a last minute decision, we soon realised two days isn’t quite enough time to plan a trip to New York, and so we ended up in London: his first ever visit to our kingdom’s glorious capital. (more…)

Oh! …Canada?!

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Typing these entries has just became exponentially easier with the arrival of my replacement laptop keys! \o/ Finally, I’m free of the cat-related mishap that destroyed my vowels and caps lock. And speaking of matters feline: we recently visited our kitten-to-be again! His eyes are open and he’s walking…albeit unsteadily. (He’s also the one on the right of the photo above, being decidedly more camera shy than his sister.) July 20th really can’t come soon enough.

Prior to that, however, I’ve stumbled across flights to Canada for less than the price of my coffee table. And booked them. Aaaand I’m leaving exactly one week today. 2G REUNION IN TO! …provided this god-forsaken ash cloud doesn’t put a very Icelandic dampener on things. Chris is also flying up from Georgia to meet us, and with Yurie presently doing a homestay there, it promises to be a thoroughly Akita-n get-together. It was Yurie’s arrival, in fact, that catalysed the entire thing. That same morning, my very happy bank balance informed me that I’d just became a pensioner – arigatou, Japan, for the early retirement! (^‿^)v – and naturally I took the appearance of my Japension money within mere hours of Yurie touching down at the airport as a cosmic sign to join her. (more…)

I’m presently watching the Graham Norton Show, featuring Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow. My only love sprung from my only hate! And, on the subject of TV shows, the cast of next cycle’s ANTM All-Stars has been revealed! I’m as excited to see my all-time favourite, Allison Harvard, again as I am dreading the return of Ange-fucking-lea. (Yes, that sentence feels like a betrayal to my beloved Melrose but this and this, might just have tipped the balance.) However: Angelea, Domnique and Isis? I mean it’s basically RuPaul’s Drag Race. Alas, the other announcement I read this morning – namely that ABC has decided to prematurely cancel V despite it ending on a cliffhanger – was slightly less welcome. My only consolation: John bought me all of the original Vs on DVD so I still have countless hours of Jane Badler in my future. (I literally couldn’t contain my excitement every second she was on-screen in the remake.)

I also watched the Smallville series finale this morning, fully 10 years after it started airing. Doing so alone? Definitely the right decision. I recognise that it wasn’t the best show in the world, but that didn’t stop me from bawling my face off. (Ironically, it was John who started me on it in the first place, but – as his real-life duties of saving lives expanded in direct opposition to my complete lack of employment – he hasn’t actually seen it in years. Case in point: he was gone before I got up yesterday and wasn’t back when I got up this morning. Remind me again why anyone would want to be a doctor?)

And now, two announcements of my own, both of which took a backseat to the fact that I went to Manchester within moments of them happening. The first – plainly visible before you even read this sentence – is that I’ve decided to test the old adage about gentlemen’s preferences. The second – and more newsworthy of the two – is that Alf is getting a baby brother! (Details and pictures below.) (more…)


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This is the Diana Mini: a plastic box camera that originated in Hong Kong in the ’60s, prone to light leaks, blurring, oversaturation and a whole manner of other perceived “problems”. Due to the recent Lomography movement, however, toy cameras like this have experienced a surge in popularity, precisely because people are exploiting their unpredictable results. I actually gave Lindsay one for Christmas, only to discover that John had bought me one of my very own! Her name is Jane Badler…for obvious reasons.

I’ve finally gotten round to developing the first few rolls…more than half of which were unusable. (With the exception of those cheap, disposable cameras, I haven’t used film in…well, ever.) The following are the fruits of my fledgling efforts with analogue photography that kind of sort of turned out. (more…)

Journey’s End

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Our last full day in Hong Kong…and last day together full stop. (more…)


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Further border-hopping adventures: because one can never have enough passport stamps. (more…)