Homeward Bound (via China): Hong Kong

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Photography
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Shanghai Airport
T-minus Hong Kong…and freedom from the Facebook/Twitter/YouTube-blocking clutches of communist China.

Since our flight was delayed, we decided to cut Haibao some slack and finally take a picture with him. Slash we had nothing better to do for the next 40 minutes. My absolute favourite Shanghai Airport experience was, however, the following “lost in translation” moment between Lindsay and the lady at the check-in counter.

Lady: Have a pleasant flight.
Lindsay: Thank you!
Lady [cheerfully]: No thank youuuuu! 😀

With Hong Kong being one of China’s two “special administrative regions”, flights there are charged at international rather than domestic rates. Accordingly, Lindsay had the idea of travelling to Shenzhen – the city just north of HK – and just walking across the border.

What this meant in practice was the single most arduous leg of our journey thus far. To wit: a flight from Shanghai to Shenzhen; a 2-hour airport bus to Luohu Port; an hour in the foreigners line at customs; a short trip on the Kowloon-Canton Railway; and – finally – a transfer to the HK metro system.

Success! And it only took about a day. Oh, the things we do for a bargain.

But oh so worth it, because

…after finally arriving on the island, we were but a taxi ride from this: Lindsay’s cousin’s ridiculously beautiful and (but for the live-in help) completely empty house in Hong Kong! This was our accommodation for the full week we were in HK, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say it was a huge factor in why I loved it more than any other city we visited in China.

I’d also like to inform everyone that Lindsay walked into not one but two glass walls this day. I’ve yet to stop laughing. She also wanted to go back to Shenzhen at some later date to see the markets there…this after telling me that white people were having acid thrown in their faces there. Preferring to end the holiday with my flesh intact, I politely objected.

That night, we headed back into the city centre for our first official meal in HK! …which I remembered to take a picture of after we were about 90% finished eating. As soon as we were done, we went off in search of harem pants (long story); and soon stumbled across a store called Maple. Their rules regarding the changing rooms were a tad arbitrary (we were able to try on everything except tops?), but we did find immediate success in the pants department; a signal of the changing fortunes which would continue for the remainder of our time in China.


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