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Shanghai Airport
T-minus Hong Kong…and freedom from the Facebook/Twitter/YouTube-blocking clutches of communist China. (more…)

Shanghai Express

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Photography
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Stick a bunch of in-breeds in a desert and it’s a horror movie. Put them in a castle and suddenly the whole world tunes in to see their wedding.

In other world events: Lindsay’s and my final day in Shanghai. (more…)

UK Pavilion

…where we spent expo-nentially longer than intended. (more…)

Jin Mao Tower

The shores of the Huangpu: two worlds apart. (more…)


Anything Goes. (more…)

Easter Monday

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Photography

“Prince William and Kate Middleton met at St Andrews University in 2002.”
So did John and I but you don’t see us demanding a national fucking holiday!

Though speaking of our resident doctor, he’s on holiday for the next three weeks which means I might actually start seeing him (conscious) for more than a few hours a day! And – speaking of nothing relating to it whatsoever – whilst posting the above picture to Flickr earlier, I noticed that another random old photo of mine was receiving an inordinate amount of attention and “favourites”. As it turns out, it was actually featured on the official Flickr blog today as part of their post on Matsushima Bay! (2nd from the bottom on the left.)

Truly, it was both great and a wall. (more…)

The next day, we were back on the subway and headed to all things Olympic. I didn’t watch a single event at the time, but I was still interested in a passive, oh-this-is-where-it-happened capacity. (more…)

Far be it for me to tell the good folks at Amazon how to do their job, but when I click “Group my items into as few shipments as possible”, it’s generally an indication that I don’t want them to murder FernGully: The Last Rainforest when one box would have sufficed. The best/worst part? Another box came just as I posted that picture. A friend on Facebook commented that Alf looks justifiably shocked and indignant in the photo (he’s quite the conservationist) and another wrote, “That’s actually quite impressive. My sympathies to your postman…pretty sure he hates you.” If it’s the same cunt who doesn’t ring the doorbell thus making me pay redelivery fees for parcels I could have taken, I have no regrets.

So, having acquired sufficient emotional distance from the events, I think I can now regale you with Lindsay’s and my travels through China without succumbing to the crippling sorrow of knowing there’s now an ocean between us. (more…)

さよなら (“Sayonara”)

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(♪ Greg Laswell – Sweet Dream)

I found my old Japanese mobile earlier today, and the more I read through the messages, the more it felt like an ending.