I actually didn’t get a single decent picture of the supermoon lunar eclipse, so here’s a completely different blood moon I spotted over Amsterdam last year!

A casual appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert! See the full video here:

(We’re hanging out with Darwin at 1:58).

“Watch out Tucson” designs by artist Travis Falligant – available in the IBTrav Society6 shop (and inspired by my unabashed favourite movie of all time: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion!)

“Cinder F*cking’ Rella” design inspired by the similarly fantastic Pretty Woman. Buy them here.

Photoshoot with burlesque performer Kim Khaos at the Botanic Gardens (where we drew our fair share of enquiring glances).

See the full set under the cut, and our video collaboration on YouTube and Vimeo!

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Burlesque and sideshow performer Kim Khaos in El Tigre Grind! An exotica bump ‘n’ grind wherein a lonely jaguar stalks the heart of the jungle in search of prey to entrance and seduce…

Starring Kim Khaos
Filmed/directed/edited by Mark Liddell Photography
Special thanks to Glasgow Botanic Gardens and the Riding Room.

(Watch it in full HD over on Vimeo.)

My final few days in Japan. All good things…

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Home Sweet (Second) Home.

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